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Summer Bozohora

By accessing the spiritual, emotional and energetic patterns behind her symptoms, Summer Bozohora has healed from chronic migraines, debilitating back pain, pre-cervical cancer, a streptococcal blood infection, irritable bowel, and has improved her myopia from -5.0 to being legal to drive without glasses in 2006.

Summer feels an urgent calling to adopt a more conscious approach to health. She believes that treating the body in separate parts or as separate from the mind and spirit creates long lasting trauma and prevents our evolution.

Summer sees that there is a very big transition happening. There is an urgent calling from universal consciousness away from the violent approach of ‘fighting’ masking, numbing or fixing the symptoms to one of interest, curiosity and trust!

Summer invites her clients to shift their perspective of frustration and fear to seeing our illness or symptoms as dear friends that have something important to say to us.  She teaches soul searchers how to translate and trust messages from the body and how to directly apply them to their lives to heal and live authentic lives.

Learning this process can be done in five steps and can be easily be remembered by the acronym IN-OWT or INside-OWT. (Pronounced Inside-Out.)

The five-step process of INside-OWT is based in universal laws are reflected in the ideas and principles of quantum science.

Summer teaches and coaches private clients and groups from around the world how to apply these principles both in person and on-line. For more information about programs visit


Soul-Side Out

Soul-Side Out